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How To Prepare For An Cbse Exam In 2019

Knowledge How (how to prepare for an cbse exam in 2019)

The exam is it at the entrance level, university level or even at the school level can be big causes of stress. The CBSE board exams, considered to be the most important exam for students about to complete school, has been known to be the biggest reason for stress, anxiety, and depression among students. This need not be the case if your preparation for the boards has been consistent over the last year leading up to the exam day.


Follow a proper schedule


Knowledge How (how to prepare for an cbse exam in 2019)

Sleep early, get up early in the morning, have a proper breakfast and then study. Do not stay up late or waste time doing something that is counterproductive like worrying about what might happen. Take out an hour or two to relax and not think about the exams. Read, sleep, play or do whatever you think diverts your attention away from exams.


Sufficient time should be devoted to self-study


Knowledge How (how to prepare for an cbse exam in 2019)

After school or coaching classes, every student must take out some time which he/she can devote completely to self-studies so as to analyze and practice the topics read in school or coaching class. You must spare enough time so that you are able to achieve some prefixed study targets.


Adopt the best study habits to excel in board exams


Knowledge How (how to prepare for an cbse exam in 2019)

To perform well in board exams, each student must have some important study habits which could help them stand in the queue of top scorers. Creating a study plan and sticking to it, being punctual and disciplined, balancing the academic and personal life are some of the good qualities cum habits, which a student must adopt.


Mix and match


Knowledge How (how to prepare for an cbse exam in 2019)

Plan your day well. Like a good meal, it is important to have all the essential ingredients while studying as well. Do not have all easy subjects/topics in a day or do not overburden yourself with topics that you find difficult. To maximize your output, start your “study day” with a light subject for an hour or so, once you get warmed up, take up a heavy subject or a topic. 


Study that for 2 hours or so and gradually increase the level of preparation. For example, if you find Mathematics tough and English easy, start your study day by reading a chapter or 2 from your NCERT literature textbook for English.

After you are done with English, solve a topic from Mathematics for 2 hours. Gradually increase the level of difficulty of the questions you attempt. Once you are through with this exercise, take a break for a while and resume with a topic you are relatively comfortable with.


Practicing previous years’ question papers prepare you better for the coming challenge

Students are always suggested to solve more and more previous years’ question papers, especially when they are done after the revision of the whole syllabus. Practicing question papers helps you track your preparation level and know where you are lacking or are strong.


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Solve sample papers

It is often said that there is no better practice than match practice. Solve one CBSE sample question paper each day, preferably from 10 AM to 1 PM, in an environment as close to the one you expect at your examination center. After you have solved the paper, mark yourself as per the CBSE marking scheme.

Pick a different subject for each of the five/six days. Assess yourself at the end of the week, look at your weak areas and try to rectify them in the weeks to follow. While solving sample papers, make a point to solve the ones provided by the CBSE. The papers provided by the CBSE are the closest possible papers to the real thing available to you. 

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Take regular breaks to enjoy yourself


Knowledge How (how to prepare for an cbse exam in 2019)

Avoid studying for long hours continuously; instead, take regular intervals every 50 to 60 minutes. These intervals are important to relax your brain and retrieve your energy to get ready for the next study session. They help to keep your brain focused and alert.


Exercise and Meditate


Knowledge How (how to prepare for an cbse exam in 2019)

Exercise and meditation help improve concentration. Many of the athletes and sports professionals regularly employ meditation methods. Studies have found a direct correlation between concentration exercises (meditation) and the performance level of sports professionals. 


Throw away the exam fear and just relax


Knowledge How (how to prepare for an cbse exam in 2019)

Fear, anxiety, and stress will only hamper your preparations and ultimately affect your performance in board exams. So, instead of taking tension, start preparing for the exam with a relaxed mind. You just need to put in the best efforts, the result will automatically come out to be the best.


Write your board exam in an appropriate way


Knowledge How (how to prepare for an cbse exam in 2019)

After preparing hard for the board exam, now it’s the time when your answer sheet must reflect your hard work. You must follow the proper technique and strategy to write the answers in the best way and complete the exam well on time. Make the best use of the 15 minutes reading time allotted before starting writing the exam.

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