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How to Enjoy Feijoas

Knowledge How (How to Enjoy Feijoas)

Feijoas are small, green fruits that are also known as the pineapple guava. This article discusses some of the more popular ways that you can enjoy consuming feijoas.


Muffin time


Knowledge How (How to Enjoy Feijoas)


Feijoa makes muffins delicious. Freeze feijoa pulp by the cupful so you can enjoy feijoa muffins all year-round.

Jo Elwin’s feijoa and cream cheese muffins are light on the sugar without too much on the fat, but that also makes them good. Or try these feijoa and honey muffins made with desiccated coconut for added flavor and texture.

These feijoa and lime muffins are quite tart, with all the fragrance of feijoas and a refreshing tang from the lime juice and zest.


Turn it into jam


Knowledge How (How to Enjoy Feijoas)


Serve this simple feijoa jelly with a batch of homemade crumpets. 

Feijoa jam with vanilla and fresh ginger uses firm feijoas and the addition of vanilla and ginger adds extra depth.


Pudding, please


Knowledge How (How to Enjoy Feijoas)


feijoa fool is a low-fat choice for pudding as he serves up the light sour cream and probiotic vanilla yogurt with slightly-sweetened poached feijoas.


Chutney chow-down


Knowledge How (How to Enjoy Feijoas)


Feijoa and date chutney is full of flavor with a heady combination of Indian spices and Asian flavors such as ginger, star anise, and kaffir.


Freshen up with a salsa


Knowledge How (How to Enjoy Feijoas)


Serve this classic feijoa salsa with coriander and red onion with steak, chicken or fish, or use it as a dip.

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