How To Serve Pomegranates

Pomegranates have been one of the most revered fruits in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Countries for centuries. The thick leathery outer skin has served as protection for the plump juicy red arils or seeds, much like a treasure box guarding the ruby red jewels of the fruit within.


On Whole Wheat Pancakes


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Whole wheat pancakes are a good way to get fiber into your morning breakfast. Top your pancakes with a generous helping of pomegranate arils (and less maple syrup) for sweetness and extra nutrition.


In a Pasta Salad


Knowledge How (How To Serve Pomegranates)


Cold pasta salads are perfect for lunch on a cold day or to serve alongside your favorite healthy sandwich. Start with your favorite pasta salad and add a few pomegranate arils for nutrients and that beautiful red color. 


With Couscous


Knowledge How (How To Serve Pomegranates)


Couscous is pasta that’s typically used like rice. It’s not difficult to prepare couscous and it can be combined with other ingredients to fit your mood and meal. Couscous is a good source of B-complex vitamins and minerals, but adding pomegranate arils will boost the nutrition considerably.


Part of a Green Salad


Knowledge How (How To Serve Pomegranates)


Your next green salad can be a nutritional superstar when you start with a base of raw spinach leaves or arugula and add pomegranates and walnuts. Drizzle a little oil and lemon juice on top and every single part of this salad is a superfood. Another delicious and healthy option is to finish your salad with a vinaigrette.


With Cucumbers


Knowledge How (How To Serve Pomegranates)


Cucumbers are low in calories, and they contain an excellent assortment of vitamins and minerals. Start with an already delicious cucumber salad and make it pop with a handful of pomegranate arils. 


With Berries or Other Fruits


Knowledge How (How To Serve Pomegranates)


Pomegranate arils may be perfect for a tropic fruit salad, but they’re also delicious when combined with berries and other more ‘typical’ fruits. It’s so simple. Take a beautiful bowl, add fruits and berries, including pomegranate arils. Keep it plain or top with a dab of whipped cream and nuts. 


In a Yogurt Parfait


Knowledge How (How To Serve Pomegranates)


Yogurt and fruit parfaits are almost as delicious as ice cream parfaits, but so much better for you. They’re easy to make too. Start with a tall glass or even a cute clear mason jar and alternate layers of plain Greek yogurt, pomegranate seeds, a drizzle of honey, and granola. Repeat if you’re using a tall glass.


With Oatmeal


Knowledge How (How To Serve Pomegranates)


A hot bowl of oatmeal is perfect for a cold winter’s morning. And oatmeal is so good for you because it’s loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Adding fruit, such as pomegranate arils and banana slices, just makes the whole meal that much better.

In a Smoothie


Knowledge How (How To Serve Pomegranates)


Smoothies are popular, and they can be good for your diet as long as you use real fruits and veggies. The basic fruit smoothie starts with a banana, some liquid, plus other fruits or berries. Add the arils right to your blender, or if you don’t want the seeds in your drink, use pomegranate juice as your liquid.

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